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Killererin Pitch Development Committee

The killererin PDC was set up in early Feb 2011 with the aim of raising enough to finance the building of new dressing rooms and development of facilities thereafter in line with new new and existing grounds around the county for all teams involved in football in Killererin GAA club and St Marys football club. It is comprised of eleven members, Billy Dunleavy, Martin Mannion, Andy Killilea, Liam Donoghue, Rita Reddington, Fergal Byrne, Peter Greaney, Tom McHugh, Fabian Fahy, Wiiliam Tracey, Michael Reddington and Garrett Curran. This committee meets every week to discuss ways and means of raising money for these developments.
Towards the end of Feb the committee decided to start a ‘Scrap Metal Collection Project'. This involved collection of all kinds of scrap all over the parish and beyond for over a two month period by members of the committee and other volunteers where it was kept in Billy Dunleavy's farmyard in Lissavalley.Like all good ventures it started off small and at times in the early days it looked like it wouldn't take off. But over the next few weeks and months the piles of scrap grew bigger and bigger, so much so that as soon as they were taken away they were replaced by even larger amounts of scrap.There was a serious drive for this as it was to be the main source of income for the fund.All kinds of items were donated from the very,very,small to lots of old farmyard equipment now redundant-over twenty cars,tanks. There was even a few hay-sheds dismantled in record time for this project. The committee would sincerely like to thank everyone that contributed or offered up their time for this project and it proved to be a huge success.Special thanks must also go to Billy Dunleavy and Mike Reddington for providing two trucks week in, week out, free of charge for collecting everything.

A Golf AM AM took place in late July in Tuam Golf Club over two days which was a huge success.over fifty teams took part in what was one of the largest Am Am's in Tuam this year.Tom McHugh had everything in place for this and there was plenty of variety in the teams with prizes in all categories for overall winners,Juniors and ladies.Prizegiving took place in Harpey's bar on the sunday night with plenty of more spot prizes on offer.Further fundraising efforts are on going. At present we are looking to place advertising signs around the pitch for a modest fee. Some of these signs have been put up in the pitch already.This will be an on going fundraiser.

Again at this time we would like to thank everybody for their support and generosity in these hard times. It is much appreciated. Thank You.!!!!

The Killererin PDC have raised over €47000 in 2011. This is a great achievement and much appreciated.


For any suggestions or donations please contact one of the Finance members.

Thanking you

Killererin PDC



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